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mamahuhu is a global network of marketing experts consulting you across the world in your live-marketing and brand experience activities.
We are connected to the latest in digital, physical and customer journey on various markets.
To deliver culturally relevant insights and advise for maximum impact in your target market.

Our Services

Explore our customized offerings, boost your brand with mamahuhu services.

Brand Strategy

We develop brand strategies that convey your unique story compellingly.

Global Network

Our Experts worldwide deliver you local insights for state of the art marketing activities.

Respectful Implementation

With local competence we create valuable impact. Tailor-made for your target market.

Innovative Design

Our design services produce captivating inspirations that make a lasting impression.

Our pillars of existence


as in cross-cultural communication and cultural understanding.

Our endeavours are based on social interaction, multilingual and cross-cultural exchange. As live-marketing experts we support in understanding your target group, address them with the right use of channels and selection of communication channels in a globalized world with varying, challenging cultural contexts.


the most valuable ressource to have, globally and equally treated.

A respectful relationship both to clients and employees are our trademarks. Bringing this to a higher level means listening and understanding. We proudly spanned a global network of marketing experts to cater your needs.


more than adding emoijis to our communication.

We want to have fun at work, with the people we surround ourselves, the topics we touch and the clients we interact with.
The main driver of running our business is having fun!
Let’s have fun together!

Welcome to mamahuhu! We specialize in live-marketing, ensuring your events are culturally resonant and impactful. Let us connect you meaningfully with your audience.

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At mamahuhu, we specialize in crafting culturally resonant live-marketing strategies that captivate your audience. Ensure your brand stands out in a meaningful way.